Domestic Violence Victims Face Grim Health Outcomes

domesticvA survey by the National Family Justice Center Alliance finds that domestic violence victims and their children are often uninsured or underinsured; they rarely receive needed medical, dental, and vision services; and they often fail to understand the profound short and long-term effects of the violence and abuse. Major findings include the following:
• Abused women are 70% more likely to have heart disease, 80% more likely to experience a stroke, and 60% more likely to develop asthma.
• Abused women are three times more likely to have reproductive health complications.
• The trauma of growing up in an abusive home has a dramatic effect on a child’s life expectancy. The life expectancy of a child with a score of six (multiple adverse childhood experiences) in the Adverse Childhood Experiences study is reduced by 19 years compared to a child with no adverse childhood experiences.
• Less than one in four victims attributes their health problems to abuse. Many survivors of domestic violence do not realize the possible health effects from near-fatal strangulation assaults.
• The primary barriers to care are lack of insurance and the cost of insurance. Forty-four percent have no insurance. Sixty-five percent of  those with insurance have public insurance, such as Medicaid or Medicare.
• 70% of survivors reported at least one physical health need, but only 49% had a primary care provider, and only 30% saw a doctor in 2013.
• Victims are more likely to use emergency rooms for regular health care. Half went to an emergency room to meet their medical needs while only 30% saw their primary care provider in 2013.
• Forty percent would like to have dental services, and 43% would like to have vision services available in Family Justice Centers or domestic violence agencies rather than going to hospitals or doctor’s offices.
• Twenty-four percent of women will experience intimate partner violence in the United States. It is the most common cause of injury for women ages 18 to 44.
• The economic impact of violence is estimated at $5.8 – $8.3 billion each year; the vast majority attributed to healthcare costs and lost productivity (CDC, 2013).

Alliance CEO Gael Strack said, “Most community-based domestic violence agencies do not have the capacity to meet these needs. Criminal justice interventions, social services, civil legal services, mental health counseling, and other assistance is available in many communities, and multi-agency and multi-disciplinary approaches, such as Family Justice Centers, are bringing together more accessible services under one roof. But health related services are not generally included even in the most dynamic multi-agency, multi-disciplinary service approaches.”

The National Family Justice Center Alliance is working with the Verizon Foundation, Blue Shield of California Foundation, and other allied national organizations to address health needs of survivors of domestic violence and their children, particularly in Family Justice Centers or other types of multi-agency, multi-disciplinary service approaches that serve victims of domestic violence. The Alliance is calling for all domestic violence agencies, Family Justice Centers, and other community-based service providers to do the following:
• Screen survivors for pressing health needs in their intake and case management services.
• Build partnerships with community-based health clinics, hospitals, and health service providers to make sure that victims get the medical services they need.
• Help get survivors signed up for health insurance immediately pursuant to the Affordable Care Act.
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Last Updated 12/01/2021

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