Many People Lack Disability Coverage

Eighty-two percent of employers offered long-term disability insurance in 2013, up from 74% in 2012 and 85% offered short-term disability insurance, up from 77% in 2012. Employers are doing their part to offer valuable disability insurance. But, many employees are not taking action due to conflicting priorities and budgetary challenges. Thirty-three percent employees had no disability insurance, according to a Prudential study. The Council for Disability Awareness encourages consumers to do the following:
1. Complete an income/expense review: Get a clear picture of where your money is coming from and where it is going.
2. Look for ways to reduce spending.
3. Identify alternate sources of income, such as employer sick pay.
4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is one of the best ways to avoid a disability.
5.  Develop an action plan to put in place in case you are faced with a disability and update it annually.

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Americans Lack Faith in Primary Care

Americans are deeply skeptical about the viability of the primary-care physician model, which is the predominant health care delivery system in the United States, according to survey commissioned by PartnerMD. Sixty-nine percent are worried about the future of the traditional primary-care model. They are also worried that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will severely limit their contact with doctors.

Fifty-one percent are worried about rising health care costs and 23% are worried about new health care regulations. Only 10% of expect the ACA to improve their care while one-third are concerned about its negative effects on care. PartnerMD CEO Linda Nash said, “I am a strong supporter of implementing an affordable national health care system, but as millions of new patients are entering the system, increased workloads and shrinking reimbursements are driving physicians out of it. The result is a care model that’s falling short.”

The following survey data confirms the bleak state of the traditional primary-care model:
• More than one-third of patients have to wait four or more days to see their doctor, and nearly one-quarter have to wait longer than a week.
• 93% of Americans spend less than 30 minutes with their doctor at appointments, and nearly one-third see them for less than 10 minutes.

“The traditional model puts doctors under tremendous pressure to treat huge numbers of patients at light speed. And full appointment schedules leave those with acute care needs without many options. It’s understandable that many patients and physicians are looking for a better care model,” said Dr. Jim Mumper, a PartnerMD physician and the company’s chief medical officer.

One such model that has seen tremendous growth is concierge medicine. PartnerMD’s survey found that 13% of Americans are willing to pay an annual fee for increased access to their physician, which could represent more than 31 million more patients in the concierge model. “While we have seen tremendous expansion, there’s still a huge opportunity for growth in the membership-based model,” said Nash. For more information, visit

Sole Proprietors Lack Health Coverage

Cigna Individual and Family Plans surveyed 250 self-employed Americans and found that nearly 25% do not have health insurance. Sixty percent of uninsured respondents place business priorities ahead of personal health and overall wellness. Yet, more than one-third say taking one month away from work due to personal illness would result in losing customers or even going out of business. Eighty-two percent say they don’t have health insurance because it’s too expensive, yet 80% overestimate the cost of insurance and about a third underestimate the cost of medical care. For more information, visit

Lack of exercise leads list of threats to children’s health

Insufficient exercise was cited as a “big problem” for children’s health by 39% of adults, followed by obesity by 38% of adults, according to the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health. Researchers said the rise of a lack of exercise on the list may be attributed to public health messages about obesity and physical fitness. (8/20)

Last Updated 06/23/2021

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